CONTRARY to what Morrissey may say, not all of us hate it when our friends are successful.

In fact, I’m sure the majority are jolly pleased and proud to be associated with them.

It’s certainly fantastic to see The Dolmen, one of the most successful bands to come from these parts for ages, do so well, not just in this country but right across Europe where they are in huge demand on the festival circuit.

And it’s easy to see why, with their exciting blend of Celtic rock, medieval folklore and furious, passionate musicianship.

As the band’s frontman Taloch Jameson tells me: “It’s been non-stop for us recently with gigs in Germany and Holland.

“We wanted to make a film to go with the song Free Will from the new album and the German film crew insisted we did it over there.

“We managed to persuade them to come over to Portland and they were quite amazed at the setting.

“We’re all islanders and our home is like a film set,” he tells me.

“We always like to do a few dates when were back home, so we’re really looking forward to them.”

They’re at The Rock in Weymouth tomorrow night, Saturday January 21, and the following Saturday January 28, they’re at the Old Town Hall in Weymouth.

That gig is for The Shipwreck Project, which is involved in exploring, discovering and research into maritime history, something very close to The Dolmen’s heart.

“If it wasn’t for Grahame Knott’s work we would have none of our marine heritage,” says Taloch, “and we’re delighted to support his efforts.”

Appropriate support for the Old Town Hall gig are the hirsute harmonies of Dorset Wrecks and their sea shanties.